Sex stories of fraternity-Fraternity Gay Sex Stories

The College Football Team Domination and supposed humiliation. At least, the college football team thought so I"m Scout. I am tall for my age, being six foot Meet Matt.

Sex stories of fraternity

Sex stories of fraternity

A nice, normal college freshman that has his life turned upside down. Big cause for celebration. Dairy of a Frat boy Part I. The heat was suffocating and he really hated working at the laundry, it storries to attract every ugly red-neck in a two county radius. Allow us to process your personal data? Stressed in College 6. Some Like Sex stories of fraternity Hot 2.

Married pussy. These are 21 of the insane things that have ever happened in fraternities and sororities:

He said he had never had a threesome but was curious. Not that we look like twins, but we could be sisters. See you at the markets, or at our farm. It might also be a source of entertainment for the whole community. Before he could cum, the mouth pulled away Sex stories of fraternity his dick and he was left standing with a Sexual filth hardon shaking in the wind! He let himself down on her lovely breasts and scooped her ass up fucking the cock into her firm writhing body, deep and hot. After a couple minutes I flipped her over into doggie style and she put her face back into the pillow to stay quiet. Chuck squared his shoulders very slightly and his voice grew just a tiny bit deeper. Trick-Fucked One's mind can play tricks. She sipped on her beer and made small talk with a John holmes thumbnails of girls nearby. Lewis progress seems much vacation Sex stories of fraternity greenbacks bisexual phone chat expressed somewhat weak. One Fifty-Eight Ch. A Jayz boyz minutes later, Ross came and found me and asked me if he could freshen my drink. This summer, we hope to be developing the fencing to keep cattle right here at home. Reprinted by permission of Grand Central Publishing.

At ten o'clock sharp all ten new members TRI K fraternity were ushered into a dark room where each pledge was instructed to remove all of their clothing and sit down and be quiet.

  • For the people that went to college, you know that it can be the best time or the worst time of your life.
  • Reprinted by permission of Grand Central Publishing.
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There is nothing like forbidden fruit. I mean, just think about what life would be like without temptation. And is there a stronger temptation out there than the one between two sexually stimulated individuals and their quest to fuck immediately? Hell no. Trust me, I would know. Here are just a few examples of people caving in on the temptation of forbidden fornication.

From Reddit :. Got called out over the loud speaker for it, too. Eventually her dad found out and sent her and her sister back to live in Lebanon with other family there because apparently Western life has corrupted his daughter. Parents went to go celebrate my sisters birthday at IU and our place was in Fort Wayne. About halfway to Indy, they realize that they forgot my sisters gift and its not too late to turn around, so they do.

They walk in to me balls deep in a family friends anus on the living room coffee table with her hair wrapped around my wrist. My dad no longer thought I was gay and we got a nice new coffee table immediately though. Silver linings. A girl ate me out in a church parking lot while the rest of my family were inside attending service. He had a thing for exhibition around them. Constantly making sex jokes between all the siblings, alluding to our sex life, yanking the top of my shirt down around his dad once, watching nearly straight up porn with his whole family….

So, His oldest sister comes into town and his dad who works out of state is in town too. Big cause for celebration. I meet them at their place and we all drive into town about 35 minutes for dinner.

They had a three row car and we sat in the very back together. Being 18 and constantly in the mood, I ended up giving him a hand job through the leg of his shorts during the drive. No one seemed to notice, he went crazy for it but getting nothing in return upped the horny factor by Dinner passed awkwardly, ended up back his place since I had been crashing there.

Still being exteremly horny, I got into it and started aggressively returning the kiss after a few seconds. We got really into it and I got into his lap and we were basically dry humping in front of his sister.

Long story made slightly less long, I ended up making out with my ex boyfriends sister while he did me from behind while his entire family was a few feet away in the living room. When I was 22 I worked in video rental store and this 16 year old boy would come in every time I worked and hang around for hours. I knew he was super into me, and one night I was upset about something and he was being super sweet and comforting me and it turned me on like crazy.

At closing time I asked him to come into the back to help me with something and I just started rubbing his crotch, then got on my knees and took his cock out and started sucking it.

We spent that summer having hot sex in the back room every chance we could get. I had sex with my girlfriend in the girls locker room back when I was in high school. Twas a good day. Got her to come to a party, and we got down hands only in a living room surrounded by sleeping 14 year olds. Then a week later we went to the movies to watch the first Harry Potter when it came out. She was no longer wearing her WWJD braclet, proceeded to jerk me off in the cinema. To my horror, we bumped into my parents on the way out of the screen.

Fingerd my bosses wife, fucked his college daughter multiple times and hooked up with his childrens babysitter. He would shoot me in the face if he knew. Lost virginity to ex girlfriend. Asked for a condom from the guy she was dating at the time. Sorry Paul. A married woman up against the side of her house while her husband was inside. He never found out but would have probably killed me as he was crazy. For the fastest way to keep up with TFM, download our free smartphone app.

Girlfriend got so coked up and horny on a road trip she pulled off the interstate at a random exit. Wound up crushing in the hood of her car. Went back later to find out that it was right in front of a house.

Archive Advertise with us. I was enlisted. She was hot. It was either her or a camel, so, for that, I salute you. You got her deported by her own father. You should feel bad. How to get a new coffee table. You disappointed your mom. Why would a man want to watch that? List my virginity in a cemetery… pretty fucked up now that I think about it R. I banged my half sister while her kids were asleep. Church girls are the freakiest of them all.

I dated someone with an exteremly…open family. The rest of his family probably would have joined in if they knew. So you committed statutory rape? A couple of MMF threesomes. The girl and other guy were married, but not to each other.

Also hookers in Tijuana. Going there again on Sunday. This guy is going to have a good Sunday. Dad: Yeah he did! Dads are the best. How to get fired Paul is the name of a guy who would let his girlfriend get fucked by someone else. Never stick your dick in crazy or stick your dick in someone who is married to crazy. Fingered a girl under a blanket five feet away from her dad while we were all watching LoTR.

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Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Sara looked back at Jack. Fun for couples - cams online now! She took part for a while and it was fun, until she felt a little woozy and dropped out. Dorm Room Gay Action Jim knocks on my door and tells me that he wants to be with me. For the people that went to college, you know that it can be the best time or the worst time of your life.

Sex stories of fraternity

Sex stories of fraternity

Sex stories of fraternity. 2: Overcoming Obstacles

The campus at State U. As a freshman he had so much to learn about life at a big college like State U. Worries about new classes, being away from home for the first time, and of course tonight the initiation into the fraternity he was pledged to last week.

He was a little worried about that, because he had heard horror stories about frat hazing that had turned out tragically. He had been assured by current members that nothing dangerous would happen, and that the entire initiation was actually quite pleasant.

Well, he hoped so! At ten o'clock sharp all ten new members TRI K fraternity were ushered into a dark room where each pledge was instructed to remove all of their clothing and sit down and be quiet. In 15 minutes or so each pledge was blindfolded and led into another room where he was instructed to stand at attention.

After all the pledges were standing in a circle naked, they were instructed to remain motionless no matter what happened to them. Pete was starting to get that fearful feeling when he felt something touching his pecker, and next he felt a mouth engulf his now stiffening organ! Throughout the room he heard other gasps as he assumed other cocks were being sucked as well! Before he could cum, the mouth pulled away from his dick and he was left standing with a monster hardon shaking in the wind!

A voice then instructed the pledges to sit down on chairs being placed behind them. In no time hands were forcing their heads forward and an order to "Open your mouth" was spoken. Before he knew what had happened a soft cock was shoved into his mouth!

The order to "Suck it!! Pete was dazed and confused, but he began sucking on the now hardening pecker. He could hear the sounds of cocksucking going on all around the room and wondered if he was going to have to take a load of cum in his mouth.

After about five minutes of sucking the cock was pulled from his mouth and his blindfold was removed. Pete could then see that they were in a room lit only by candles. Even in this dim light, however, he could see that everyone was naked and erect, and the older brothers were standing outside the ring of pledges slowly jerking their dicks.

The president of the frat then laid down the rule to the new members. If an older brother ever needs a suck off, you will suck him then and there on his request.

If an older brother asks you to jerk off for any reason you will do it then and there. If and older brother asks you to suck anyone else, you will do it then and there. Now as official members, the pledges dropped to their knees and sucked their older brothers to completion. They also were allowed to bring themselves to orgasm by sucking each other off, and Pete got his prick sucked by a kid from Texas who obviously had sucked a lot of dick before tonight!

Within minutes he was unloading his nuts down the throat of the little cocksucker! Pete was surprised to find what a big cock the little guy had, as he took his turn on his knees. He sucked the big head and licked it's shaft until his face was soon covered by spurting cum! The smell of fresh cum permeated the air, and it's pungent aroma seemed to be an aphrodisiac to the young pledges, because no one was having any trouble keeping and maintaining full erections!

Someone, I think a girl, slapped me in the ass as we walked down the hall. As we walked the guy in front of me turned I knew we were walking into another room because the music got muffled.

Then a door shut and Digger said "ok pussies remove your blind folds. On a small table with several pillows under her was a girl, naked and spread eagle. Then Digger spoke up again " alright pussies, don't ever say we didn't ever give you anything. Every body is going to get fucked tonight ever your pathetic little dicks. Everyone fucks this girl before you leave this room, and you will pick numbers to see who goes first.

Everyone drew a piece of paper I got 6, last. The guy that got 1 was all smiles when Digger said to line up. As we lined up the first guy asked where the condoms were. Digger just laughed and said "condoms, you don't need no stinkin condoms. Theses are your future brothers, share and share a like. Now if anyone else has any questions keep them to your fuckin selves. Horse then unzipped his shorts and let them drop to the floor.

He was not wearing underwear, so we all saw his dick. We then knew why he was called horse. His dick was huge. It had to be 10 to 12 inches long, and as thick as a rolling pin. He just smiled as he took his log of a cock and slapped it against the girls shaved pussy. Then he slid it in. The girl was just laying there, eyes glassed over, grinning slightly, just looking slowly around the room at everything. As horse slid in and out of her she moaned slightly and kept looking around the room.

About 15 minutes went by and Horse started to quicken his speed and really started to fuck her. Soon still holding a beer in one hand he started to moan. He said " stand back girls here it comes, her pussy is finally getting tight. It must of been huge he had came in the girl, and it was leaking out of her pussy in globs.

He didn't bother to put his shorts back on he just sat down and looked at the guy in front of the line and said " Now your number one. Get to work!. Digger spoke up "what are you waiting on. We give you pussy to fuck and you stand there. Are you a fuckin fag? Do we need to kick your faggot ass?. Horse leaned over to the girl and pored some beer into her mouth.

To make a long story shorter the number 2 and 5 guys did not fuck her. They were roughly taken out of the house stripped of their underwear and sent packing back to their dorms never to return. The rest did about the same as the number one guy.

Then that left me! Horse had given the girl several drinks from his beer and a small pill that I could not recognize, but she stayed out of it for the whole time. It was my turn to bat as they say, and by now her pussy was covered with cum and dripping down her ass and to the floor. Digger and Horse just sat there smiling. I tried to jerk my dick to get hard, but a half hard dick was all I could do. As I got between her legs a big cum bubble came out and burst. I slowly put my dick on her pussy and instantly felt the hot cum left by the guy before me.

Then something happened, my dick started to get harder and harder. I put it in her pussy and started to slid in and out. There was no friction just a huge sloppy cummy mess. The room was filled with the sounds of the cum splashing around as I began to pound her pussy. My balls were slapping her ass which was covered with dripping cum. I looked as my cock was going in and out of her. I could see the cum pushing out as I went in, there was a big glob of cum at the base of my dick just where the hair started.

It started to run down the side of my dick and then down my leg. I really fucked her hard for 20 minutes but nothing, I could not cum. The party was still raging out side and Digger said "I am going to party, the rest of you pussies can go party too, but you can't shower or wash your peckers for 2 days. That left me, the girl, and Horse. After the last guy was left, Horse stood up look at me fucking the girl and said "you really like fucking her. Hey suck this bitch!. She could only suck the head so he jerked the rest of his cock.

After about 10 minutes he looked at me and said "move. The first shot went in the very middle of her gapping hole, the next on her clit, then on her thigh, and finally he dripped the rest on her shaved pussy.

He laughed and said "go ahead keep fucking her. I began to fuck like a mad man.

23 Ex Fraternity Brothers & Sorority Sisters Confess Their Insane Stories

The College Football Team Domination and supposed humiliation. At least, the college football team thought so I"m Scout. I am tall for my age, being six foot Meet Matt.

A nice, normal college freshman that has his life turned upside down. And all because of a bet between two jocks Dave Schuster, a beautiful blond college soccer player, seduces his teacher into giving him a "blow job", put when her husband finds out its Dave that has to "give it up" Sebastian, terrified of falling in love with a straight guy, meets the new supervisor, Julian. That"s when Sebastian"s problems start After Jim had removed his dick, Pete rolled over and begged Jim to suck him ""off, and without any hesitation, he dropped his mouth onto Pete"s straining member and ""in only seconds Pete shot his cum into Jim"s hot mouth!

This is a continuation but starts out in 3rd person and then switches to third. There are a bunch of new characters A gentle breeze blew and Chris could smell his skin Salt, coconut oil, and the delicious scent of guy sex Or if he fucked the shit out of the Norse god He was sticking his ass out as he leaned his arms over the bar. Chris wanted to slide his man meat between those sweaty little globes of his so bad right now, it hurt! A straight identifying, but curious young guy draws the attention from some dangerous men.

He has no idea what he"s in for Bob uses his love of sports to unwind and release pent up tensions; either an impromtu wrestling match in the dorm; or in the locker room after a game When a man can have any other person he wishs, he finds one that he would trade it all away for, and their darkest secrets are brought forth, and it only brings them closer together Dave Schuster, made up name , a handsome blond, and homophobic, soccer player, enters a fine university and gets initiated into a fraternity.

Then, he receives a team physical from a perverted "doctor" I move out of my home town into a milianare neighborhood and meet a handsome guy and it leads to a surprising love craze! Never thought loosing my virginity could hurt so bad A lone writter cruises for hot collage men on the grounds of the New Eden Apartment Complexes during the holiday season, but with no avail.

That is, until he spots the guy next door James and Jacquinn have a lot in common. They are both straight, have dated a girl named Lauren, and very, very horny One guy learned a lot about man to man sex while on campus; but he still did not have all his techniques perfected; he was able to add life experiences on breaks to enhance what he had begun to learn Jesse is a college freshman and new pledge to ETO fraternity looking for a good time.

Little does he know what he"s in for. And it only gets hotter Night at the Bijou brings Rob to the notorious Bijou Theater in his town of Chicago for what was supposed to be a quick release, but turns into a wild night at the theater Well while Ben is away, Tyler will play: Tyler finds himself searching for some other way to occupy his time while Ben is cutting him off It only felt better. He clenched again, and a low moan escaped his throat Tyler tries to cover his back and protect Ben"s feelings with a couple of lies that will surely come back to haunt him.

And there is a development when Ben goes away for a weekend Barry fucked him slowly, arching into him with long, even strokes Tyler just spent the night with the only boy he has ever been with other than his bestfriend Ben and so the story continues College frat boys, expecting a night of fun and drugs, find that the local police intend to crack down on them as well New year, means all new fun for Tyler and Ben as they continue to make a relationship they can"t get enough of Pete was starting to get that fearful feeling when he felt something touching his pecker, and next he felt a mouth engulf his now stiffening organ!

Throughout the room he heard other gasps as he assumed other cocks were being sucked as well! Joey comes to a college party at my apartment. I"d always had a crush on him but he had a surprise for me Kyle thought that college would be a great place to get away from the bullies that tormented him for his height, it is.

Parental controls: Wikipedia. A Gay Sex Niches. The College Football Team. Rating: 5. Frat Love. Rating: 6. Focused 3. Rating: 8. Dave Schuster and the Jealous Husband. The New Guy. Rating: 9. Shower boys. Rating: 7. The fraternity. Focused 5. Vision of Love. Omega Tao. Craigslist Dom milks me too. My Hero and My Lover. A tough lesson. Fire in the Firehouse 6. Only Freshmen 2. Stressed in College 3. College Sports. Rating: Focused 4. Dave"s Frat Initiation. Rating: 2. The Hottie from Guitar Class.

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Some Like It Hot 2. Football Love: Part 3. Power of Surprise. Diary of a Frat Boy Part V.

Sex stories of fraternity

Sex stories of fraternity

Sex stories of fraternity