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Sounds weird, but it's well worth it the side-eyes. Nearly two months ago I sat in my bed, face full of tears asking myself to step back and dig deep — dig deep into what it was that I was doing wrong when it came to my relationships. Because while this guy had cheated and that guy had just been completely "not shit" — I had to admit that there was a reason I continued to attract these men. After weeks of seeing various people using their crystals, I had nothing much to lose and a couple dollars to spare. Initially, when I began the journey, I constantly wondered if and when I'd know that the crystals were working.

Phallix crystal dildos

Phallix crystal dildos

Phallix crystal dildos

Phallix crystal dildos

Ddildos 7" X 1. June 1, at pm. Follow Us. Sadly, as is the case with porous materials versus body-safe materials, there will always be Phallix crystal dildos large number of people unwilling or unable to buy a properly made glass sex toy. Sounds weird, but it's well worth it the side-eyes.

Garden wedding ring quilt donna sharp. Warming Your Glass Dildo

For regular cleaning, you can use warm water and antibacterial soap. I like vibrators. Phallix crystal dildos is sponsored by EdenFantasys. I just keep finding interesting shapes and textures that I want to try. Texture, perhaps, or an innovative shape. Finding a pair that are a good fit for you and your partner is Xxx nerd porn. Exceptional sex toy kit to win any heart. Glides in easily Firm glass for controlled pressure. Sweet Lola 4. Honestly, the rose grooves don't go too far into the "rose" no farther than what my fingernails can reachso Phallix crystal dildos don't have to worry about too much extra cleaning from the rose. With Rick Plank at the helm, this dynamic and visionary company has undeniably become the preeminent provider of the finest quality, functional erotic glass art in existence and will continue the pursuit of its further evolution. Royal duet Phallix crystal dildos. About author.

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  • Glass dildos have become increasingly popular during our time in business.
  • Realistic dildos are made to look and feel just like a real penis.
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When we encountered our first Phallix dildo in we immediately knew that glass toys would be huge and wasted no time in setting up an e-commerce site to sell them directly to you.

For us it was a simple decision as the benefits were obvious. We knew immediately that the cleanliness of glass over rubber and plastic toys would draw attention. Then, last but not least, the sheer artistic beauty of a glass dildo would garner plenty of additional attention. Knowing that glass sex toys are tempered glass and capable of adapting and handling various temperatures, even to the extremes, one of the first things that we tried was to place one in the freezer to see what happened.

What an eye opening experience! While not knowing what to expect, we let the it get a little too cold on that initial trial run and had to let it thaw a little before trying it on those sensitive areas.

After a few moments it did warm up enough to give it a try and the cold sensation was wonderful especially when using it anally. This led us to try using that glass dildo at various temperatures and experimenting with different ways of warming it up and cooling it down. Borosilicate glass , often referred to as Pyrex, is a medium that this capable of adapting to various temperatures, even to the extreme, and withstand what is known as thermal shock due to it having low coefficients of thermal expansion.

In addition, after a glass sex toy is shaped by hand using a torch it is then annealed in a kiln for a specified period of time, which then strengthens the glass even further. As you can see, the very nature of its production process is evidence that borosilicate glass is capable of handling extreme temperatures. All of the toys that we sell adhere to these two points. One of the coolest features of a glass sex toy is that they quickly adapt to the temperature of their surroundings.

Often times one of the comments that we receive regarding glass toys is that they are a little cold when you first use them in your lovemaking session. Yes, they are glass and may be cool to the touch when you first pull them out of the pouch, but as mentioned above, they adapt to temperature quickly.

This issue can be quickly alleviated by simply using them for a little while, letting them adjust to body temperature or placing them somewhere warm for a few seconds prior to use.

We highly encourage our customers to let their imaginations run free and safely experiment with their glass toys. Also that it seems slicker and reacts better when mixed with their bodily fluids. While a sex toy made of borosilicate glass can handle these methods we recommend caution, as a glass toy can become very hot very quickly.

We also recommend to always temperature test the toy before using it on sensitive areas to avoid any discomfort. Until you become familiar with your personal limitations we recommend that you warm your toy slowly by placing it in lukewarm water.

As such they will also cool down as you use them so we recommend keeping a bowl of warm water nearby to continue warming the toy as needed. We DO NOT recommend these methods but if you choose to do so use extreme caution with any of these methods to avoid injury. The attractive dichoic material used to create the pretty jewel like artwork you see in some glass toys is actually a metallic substance.

As with any metal item you may damage to your microwave. Chilling your glass toy can be quite exciting. Some people mention that they love the cool feeling during the heat of the moment and others find it fun to surprise their partner at just the right time.

As with warming your toy you can chill them in a variety of ways although once again we recommend caution. Just as your doctor would recommend when you are icing an injury you want to be careful when placing anything frozen directly on your skin as a frozen item may irritate sensitive skin or even cause further injury.

Obviously if you were to leave it in there for a longer period of time it would become frozen and while your glass toy can handle it you may not. As with warming your toy we recommend that you start slowly by placing either placing it in your refrigerator or in a bowl of cool water and working your way slowly toward colder temperatures as you discover what you like.

You may want to warn your partner before you try anything too cold although it can be a fun surprise. Experimenting with cooler temperatures is really quite easy.

For example you could start with a bowl of cool water then gradually leave your toy in there for longer periods of time. Always remember to test the temperature by touch before applying it to any sensitive areas and to handle your glass toy with care, as they do become very slippery. Once again we encourage you to be creative and experiment with warming or chilling your glass toy.

Feel free to let us know what your favorite glass toy is and how you like to use it in the comments below. Our other customer may like some new ideas, we sure will! Your email address will not be published. Borosilicate Glass Toys Can Handle Various Temperatures Borosilicate glass , often referred to as Pyrex, is a medium that this capable of adapting to various temperatures, even to the extreme, and withstand what is known as thermal shock due to it having low coefficients of thermal expansion.

Warming Your Glass Dildo Often times one of the comments that we receive regarding glass toys is that they are a little cold when you first use them in your lovemaking session. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

This website is to only be viewed and used by an adult audience. Realistic dildos are made to look and feel just like a real penis. Super adorable heart shape handle Dense texture for intense sensations Anal safe Shutter resistant glass material. These toys offer so many new possibilities and positions. Use the handle to rotate your way to mind blowing orgasm Shatter resistant glass is totally body safe. The rose makes a great handle, and while I feel bad woman-handling it for better sexual pleasure, the dildo will still look gorgeous after use which is what I love.

Phallix crystal dildos

Phallix crystal dildos

Phallix crystal dildos

Phallix crystal dildos

Phallix crystal dildos

Phallix crystal dildos. You'll Love Our Glass Dildo Toys

The glide produces the best orgasm from a non-vibrating shaft, especially the curved ones; we know from personal experience! Even the small textured styles such as those with a bumpy or spiraled shaft, or a realistic penis shaped tip have a smooth glide. It sounds like contradictory statement, but even the large textured shafts glide endlessly! If you have sensitive skin or allergies to rubber, the best Pyrex style glass is the only sex toy for women that is completely hypoallergenic.

Some people may cringe at the idea of a glass dildo and think it's not safe, but they are not thin or delicate like a window pane, they are sturdy like Pyrex dishes and bake ware. The material has the ability to retain heat, if you dip the shaft in hot water for a few moments before insertion, it will stay warm.

It's also a perfect novelty to use in the bathtub because you'll never have to worry about water leaking into the battery compartment. Since many have a small curved shaft, they are and excellent choice for female g-spot stimulation and male prostate massage. Glass dildos are the easiest sex toy to clean. It's the only truly non-porous dildo and is not capable of growing bacteria on the surface. It's also the only sexual device that can be shared between partners and shared between vagina and anus.

Never transfer the shaft directly from the vagina to anus without washing first! If you're looking for a new style of sex toy today, we encourage you to try one of the these best classy creations today. We're sure you'll love it! Glass Dildos. View as: Grid List. Let's get you to the right site first! Shop In Canada. Shop In The U. New Halloween Dildos. Icicles No. Swirly 6.

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Adult Toys store. Buy high-quality toys at reduced price, write and read reviews of sex toys. Get total sexual freedom at DesireSecrets. Items: 0. Sex Toys.

Sign in. Shopping cart. Sex Store. Sex Toys for women. Sex Toys for men. Woman for Woman sex toys. Man for Man sex toys. G-spot glass wands. Glass anal plugs. Glass dildos. Kinky glass toys. Sex guides and Tips. Glass sex toys are functional :: and good looking, so it's no surprise that many women use such toys as decorative stuff.

The double ended glass toys are some of the best sellers of such kind of sex toys. These are amazing creation of strong and safe Pyrex and they are going to bring you and your partner to climax as quickly as you want. They come in a great spectrum of colors and some are even curved so that you can stimulate your the G spot with ease.

The anal glass toys come in different widths so that everyone can find the glass anal toy that is just right for their body. There are butt plugs of different length with beads, and some with a rainbow of different colors. Glass sex toys :: are unique, hand made devices that can be warmed up, cooled down and will last a lifetime if you care of them properly. Smooth glass means smooth penetration and an incredible orgasm. The majority of glass toys are made from high quality Pyrex, which is a durable, safe material that can be heated up or cooled down in your fridge or freezer.

You can find glass toys of any colors which are used to maximize the beauty of a glass toy. You should keep in :: mind using and storing glass toys is that they are made of glass. Glass breaks fairly easily, and broken glass is very sharp. Even a small nick in a glass sex toy may cause pain to your organs. Therefore, you have to be very careful with glass toys, especially when they're all lubricated - the slickness is part of the point, but these suckers are slippery, and they're triple-slippery when they are wet.

So keep them well away from hard surfaces. And when you store your glass toy, it's a very good idea to wrap it in a soft cloth, to avoid bruises in the bedside drawer.

You may use your favorite lubricants on your sex toy. Terms of use. Privacy policy.

Phallix crystal dildos