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Aniston was flying to Cabo San Lucas when her private jet ended up turning back and making an emergency landing at Ontario airport. The airport was closed down so the plane could land, according to the source. The actress and her friends will wait for a new plane at the airport and continue on their trip to Cabo San Lucas, the source added. Many of his close friends were at the party too. Fiercely kind.

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Over the past two decades, we have seen an international shift in perspectives concerning the physical punishment of children. In , research showing an association between physical punishment and negative developmental outcomes was starting to accumulate, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child had just been adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations; however, only four countries had prohibited physical punishment in all settings. Today, research showing the risks associated with physical punishment is robust, the convention has been integrated into the legal and policy frameworks of many nations, and 31 countries have enacted prohibitions against the physical punishment of children. In doing so, physicians strengthen child well-being and parent—child relationships at the population level. Here, we present an analysis of the research on physical punishment spanning the past two decades to assist physicians in this important role.

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In her charged and daring debut, Weise artfully interweaves biographical details with meditations on the history of disability and sex, laying bare the complexities of finding sexual and emotional intimacy as an amputee with a prosthetic leg. In three sections, her assured voice masterfully navigates the potential pitfalls of her subject matter—from the risk of self-pity there is none here to the difficulties of speaking for her community. Part two borrows impersonal medical language to poetically redress the terminology of pain: " When and how did your pain problem start? He met me in a dark alley. View Full Version of PW.

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Here's the thing. I've had long hair for my entire adult life. I don't know why, but I can't part with my long locks. There's just something I love about feeling the weight of my hair when it falls on my shoulders, tossing it up into a big messy bun, or seeing it whip around in the wind. This love affair between my long hair and me has been going strong for six-plus years, and I don't see it ending anytime soon.

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Use Flickriver Badge Creator to create a badge linking to your photos, your group or any other Flickriver view. Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. While viewing any Flickr photos page, click on this button to open the same view on Flickriver. Works with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Install search plugin "View on Flickriver" Greasemonkey script A Greasemonkey script that adds Flickriver links to various Flickr photo pages - user photos, favorites, pools etc, allowing to quickly open the corresponding Flickriver view.

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Police still are searching for Maleah Davis, who was reported missing on May 4. Vence had told police that he, Maleah, and his 2-year-old son were riding in the Nissan to a Houston airport about 6 p. Mark Holbrook earlier told reporters. When he pulled over to check, Vence told police a blue pickup pulled off behind him and two Hispanic men got out. Vence alleged one of the men then hit him in the head and he was knocked out.